I’ve started working with my voice in a radio station in february 1977, at the age of 12.

Tv commercials for “Hyundai (12,)” “Hachette “Mitsubishi Automotive” “Del Prado (1234,)” and radio commmercials for ENEL, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Subaru Legacy (just to say some)

Starting from the middle 80s on I gave my voice to some national tv broadcastings : Cadillac, Jonathan (123) , I misteri della notteCanale 5 Speciale News, CiakSpeciali Cinema, Dentro la Notizia, Verissimo, Prima Pagina, Studio Aperto – La GiornataFalpalà.

Recently on Retequattro tv: Record – Sport stories (2003) and Vincent De Martino’s italian voice in American Chopper for Discovery (2004-2009), then narrator for the italian versions of Smash LabPrototype thisTime warp and other Discovery channel’s broadcastings. King of the Jungle and narrator in Animals Planet’s “Killer instinct“, narrator for National Football Soccer’s Teams History and Football World Cup History on ESPN and many others on various other channels.

I’ve also acted in the movie “Amore, bugie e calcetto” directed by Luca Lucini, in the role of a soccer player and as voice speaking from a radio.

Member of the Commercials Actors Dubbers Association (ADAP)

Italian voice talent

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