Towel day 2018

Towel Day 2018
Towel Day 2018

Today we celebrate the “towel day” or “Towel day”, a tribute to the writer Douglas Adams celebrated for the first time in 2001, two weeks after his death on 11 May.

On this day, his fans bring a towel, the element that the author of the book “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” indicated as the most useful thing to have in tow: wrapped around it to keep warm when crossing the satellites Jaglan Beta, lying on the bright sand of Santraginus V allows you to lie down and enjoy the heady vapors of its sea, you can sleep under it, use it as a sail for a raft, use it wet for a close combat or wrap it around the head for to recover from harmful fumes or to wave it for emergency signals.

The “Galactic Guide for Hitchhikers” was born in 1978 as a sci-fi radio comedy debuting with the first six episodes broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in March and April, and later became a book, a theater show, a television series, video games and film.

Although the celebration was born and survives on the initiative of the writer’s fans, he never received official recognition; over the years, however, many have referred to, among them the Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti who on the occasion of the celebration of 2015 has chosen to send good wishes “Towel day” live from the International Space Station, initiative taken the following year by British colleague Tim Peake.

“Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish”

*(this article is Google Translated from the original italian)

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